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Tony Hodge
Pastor, Newmarket Community Church

Sunday December  11th 10:30am
Speaker - Clare Reed

Give me a reason series
The double standard Proverbs 4:19

The Bible says: ĎThe ways of right-living people glow with light; the longer they live, the brighter they shine. But the road of wrongdoing gets darker and darker - travellers canít see a thing; they fall flat on their facesí (vv. 18-19 MSG). In 1966 Dr Joseph Fletcher published a book which became a best seller. It was called Situation Ethics. In it he said love was the only standard for determining right from wrong. The result was ethical chaos. Why? Because it allowed us to set our own standards, which changed from situation to situation. And to make matters worse, itís our natural inclination to go easy on ourselves, judging ourselves according to our intentions while holding others to a higher standard and judging them based on their actions. For example, someone who cheats on his taxes or steals office supplies still expects honesty from the company whose stock he buys and the business clients he deals with. Thatís whatís known as the double standard. Itís easy to get disgusted with people who fail the ethics test - especially when theyíve wronged us. But itís a lot harder to make ethical choices in our own lives. Understand this: when you operate on the edge of honesty, you invariably go over that edge! It may be possible to fool people for a season, but your deeds always catch up with you. Just as someone may appear to profit temporarily from dishonesty, being truthful may sometimes look like a losing proposition. But both your pleasure and profit will be short-lived, because ultimately weíll all stand in judgement before God - and how will you look then?

Hosea 9-10,     3 John

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