We are Newmarket Community Church  – a group of individuals and families who have one thing in common – we’ve responded to the good news of Jesus and want to follow him in the way we live our lives. We are a people with a vision for our community and a mission to spread this good news and to bless people near to us, in our nation and across the globe.
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Just one word really - Jesus. Quite simply we want to show the freedom, hope and power that knowing Jesus as a friend and saviour has given us and can bring to anyone who’ll ask Him to come and make a difference in their lives. Each of us has a different story to tell; perhaps one of them will jibe with where you are in life so you can know the deep joy we have too.

Who is Jesus?

Jesus was a man who lived about 2000 years ago - that’s historical fact with far more evidence to support it that the life of many other well-know people from history.

Many faiths recognise that Jesus lived at that time and had a lot of good things to say, the big difference for us as Christians is that we believe not just that Jesus lived and died but also that death could not hold him and he rose again because, unlike us, he was not tarnished with all the bad stuff we humans pick up just by the way we live our lives – the Bible calls this ‘Sin’.

Another thing that sets Christians apart from other faiths is that we believe Jesus is not just a man but also one with the one true God (he’s the “Son” bit in “Father, Son and Holy Spirit”) and that his blameless death and resurrection has broken the barriers (the Sin-stuff) between God and us.

Jesus therefore is not dead but alive and the good thing about being alive is that we can get to know him personally and not just by reading historical books (though that is good too!). And the good thing about him being both man and God is that he can represent us to God if we ask him to and because Jesus broke the hold on us that “Sin” has, then if we trust in him we can have a new relationship with Father God and know the true meaning and purpose of our existence.

Sound good? See Taking the First Steps if you want to do something about it.


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