The church was planted out in January 1984 by High Street Baptist Church, Isleham (8 miles away). At the time the congregation at High Street was experiencing rapid growth and in the preceding year had grown from 250 to more than 400. People had been drawn in from 30/40/50 miles away and it became clear to the leadership that it was the right time for a new church plant in Newmarket. The original name was Newmarket Christian Life Fellowship (NCLF). Bob Short was appointed full-time Pastor supported by one other couple.

About 50 people, including several children became the founder-members of the church which met for the first time in St Felix Middle School drama studio. Some members even moved into Newmarket from outlying towns such as Saffron Waldon. The church continued to grow over the years and by 1989 numbered over 100 adults and children at our Sunday meeting. Meetings were held at various venues over the years but principally St Felix Middle School where we developed a good relationship with the headmaster and benefited from their excellent facilities.

In order to provide the church with a visible, permanent focus of contact in the community we leased offices in the centre of town for approximately 2 years. In late 1990, Bob Short stepped down from leading the church which then entered a period without an official Pastor, being led by the remaining team members with occasional input from Tom Chipper of High Street Baptist. We underwent a number of changes before linking up with Gerald Coates and Pioneer and in October 1993 the name of the Church name was officially changed to Newmarket Community Church (NCC) and Kevan Crane joined the Church as Pastor in August of that year.

For the next 9 years the Church continued to meet at St Felix Middle School on a weekly basis and our involvement with the local churches grew. The then Pastor of NCC was instrumental in the setting up a home for the homeless and a number of members became heavily involved in the project. These regular links with the leaders of the other churches in Newmarket and District led to NCC being involved in the production of a bi-monthly inter-church newsletter “The Vine” which continues to this day.

Eventually, the leadership felt the time had come for the church to move into more accommodation and after investigating a number of possibilities the industrial unit became available and we were able to raise the necessary funding to lease and convert it as well as obtain the necessary change of use from the local district council. The work to convert the unit took approximately 1 year and the Church was officially opened in January 2003 and the Church Centre named Xchange.

Kevan stepped down as Pastor in 2004 to move into a full time community/social action role in Cambourne and is currently an associate pastor at King’s Lynn Baptist Church. For the next 18 months the church was led by a leadership team drawn from the membership.

At the turn of 2005/6 the NCC leadership allied the church to Plumbline Ministries based in Huntingdon as this seemed to better suit the style of church and give us a link to local church oversight. In 2006 a search for a new Pastor led to Tony Hodge, then a member of the leadership team at Trinity Life Church, Royston, being asked to take the position and which he did from January 2007.


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