We meet together at 10:30 each Sunday morning for a regular service of celebration joining in worship led by a live band of talented musicians, to pray and to hear teaching and preaching from Godís Word, the Bible. During the meeting we offer a range of youth & childrenís activities for ages 0 to 15
We believe that our Christian lives are much bigger than Sunday alone and so alongside our Sunday celebration meetings we also meet in smaller Cell Groups where we aim to meet with each other and with God for worship, prayer and to apply the regular teaching of Sunday mornings to our lives.

These groups of 8 to 16 people are a place for closer meaningful relationships where we can discover together the true joy of knowing Jesus.

Each Friday morning at 6:30am we meet to pray to give praise to our Lord and Father and to pray for each other, the church, our town and nation. Hopefully we have time left over for a spot of breakfast (cereal provided or bring and share your bacon buttie!) before we're off to our jobs.

Our aim is to support the life of NCC through prayer and encourage each other to be the men God has called us to be, our vision to be the engine room - a source of energy and power for the church.

Have you got a few minutes to spare on a Thursday morning? If so why not call at the Coffee Stop! A place where you can chill out, relax, meet friends.

10am-12:30pm Everyone Welcome!

Please contact us for details on any of the above meetings.


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