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Word notes archive

Word notes archive (see also those from The Story)

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Date Title Links
Teaching from Romans
13th April Introduction to Romans – Tony Hodge PDF
20th April Romans 1-4 – The Plan For Salvation – Helen Parker PDF
27th April Romans 1:1-6 – The Gospel Made Plain – Tony Hodge PDF
4th May Romans 5-8 – Assurance of Salvation – Thea Geach PDF
11th May Romans 5&6 – Freedom from Sin – Tony Hodge PDF
18th May Romans 7 – New Man vs Old Man – Tony Hodge PDF
25th May Romans 8 – The Culmination of the Divine Plan – DT Braven-Giles PDF
1st June Romans 9-11 – Israel – John Hummersone PDF
15th June Romans 12 – Living Sacrifices – Tony Hodge PDF
22nd June Romans 13 – Living in the Now – Tony Hodge PDF
29th June Romans 14 – Avoiding Division – Helen Parker PDF
6th July Romans 15 – Paul’s calling – Jan Hodge PDF
20th July Romans 16 – Paul: Spiritual Dad – Tony Hodge PDF
31st Aug Grapevine 2008: Hope – Tony Hodge PDF
7th Sept Hagar Cambodia – Myriam Geach PDF
14th Sept Life, the Universe & Everything – Tony Hodge PDF
21st Sept Compassion – John Hummersone PDF
Teaching from Judges
28th Sept Jonah – Helen Parker PDF
5th Oct Judges Introduction – Tony Hodge PDF
12th Oct Judges # 2: The Lord – Tony Hodge PDF
19th Oct Judges # 3: Ehud the left-hander – Jan Hodge PDF
2nd Nov Breaking the Shame Barrier – Tony Hodge PDF
9th Nov Co-Habitation, Divorce & Remarriage – Simon Matthews PDF
16th Nov Gideon: Judges 6-8 – Helen Parker PDF
23rd Nov Judges 9: Truth & Integrity – Tony Hodge PDF
30th Nov Renewing your strength – Jerry Bendall PDF
7th Dec Moses: God’s man for a crisis – John Hummersone PDF
14th Dec Samson: Arnie or Homer? – Tony Hodge PDF
The Good News of Jesus
11th Jan Jesus: Who do you say I am? – Tony Hodge PDF
18th Jan Jesus The Messiah – Jan Hodge PDF
1st Feb Meeting Jesus – Tony Hodge PDF
1st Feb Plans for 2009 – Tony Hodge PDF
8th Feb Jesus: The Message – DT Braven-Giles PDF
22nd Feb Jesus: In My Father’s House – Tony Hodge PDF
1st Mar Jesus’ Message: The Kingdom of God – DT Braven-Giles PDF
8th Mar What did Jesus say about Money? – Helen Parker PDF
15th Mar We all mess up – Tony Hodge PDF
22nd Mar From the Natural to the Supernatural – Simon Matthews PDF
29th Mar What did Jesus come to do? – DT Braven Giles PDF
5th April Jesus Triumphal Entry – Mel Moore PDF
Living in the Spirit
19th April Jesus, our model – Tony Hodge PDF
26th April The Person of the Holy Spirit – John Hummersone PDF
10th May Joy in the Spirit – Graeme Wylie PDF
17th May The Gifts of the Spirit – Tony Hodge PDF
31st May Pentecost: The Church’s Birthday – John Hummersone PDF
7th June The Church from Outside – Tony Hodge PDF
14th June Are You Battle-Ready? – Helen Parker PDF
21st June Testimony – Tony Hodge PDF
21st June Consider Jesus – Roy Wheeler PDF
5th July The Crown of Life – James Williams PDF
19th July Dealing with failure and weakness – Ruth Brown PDF
26th July Citizens of the Kingdom – Tony Hodge PDF
6th Sept Christ in me, the hope of glory – Tony Hodge PDF
13th Sept Grace – Tony Hodge PDF
27th Sept Seeing is Believing – Tony Hodge PDF
4th Oct One Another – Tony Hodge PDF
11th Oct Be Prepared – Tony Hodge PDF
8th Nov The Power of Community – DT Braven-Giles PDF
15th Nov Standing in the Spirit – Tony Hodge PDF
22nd Nov Christians Against Poverty – Helen Parker PDF
29th Nov Growing in Knowing God, being fruitful – Thea Geach PDF
6th Dec For God So Loved the World – Tony Hodge PDF
13th Dec Missio Dei: The Sending of God – DT Braven-Giles PDF
Christ in the Gosples
3rd Jan Looking Forward to 2010 – Tony Hodge PDF
10th Jan Jesus: Fully God & Fully Man – Tony Hodge PDF
17th Jan Jesus: Teacher – Tony Hodge PDF
24th Jan Jesus: Light of the World, Lamb of God – Thea Geach PDF
31st Jan Jesus: Life Changer, Soul Winner – Tony Hodge PDF
7th Feb When Jesus is in the house – Roy Wheeler PDF
14th Feb Under whose authority? – Clare Reed PDF
21st Feb Jesus the Great Physician – Tony Hodge PDF
28th Feb Jesus the Bread of Life – Tony Hodge PDF
7th Mar Jesus: Best Friend Forever – Helen Parker PDF
14th Mar Jesus: Source of Living Water – Tony Hodge PDF
21st Mar Jesus: Defener of the Weak – Tony Hodge PDF
28th Mar Jesus: Servant King – Tony Hodge PDF
18th Apr Jesus: The Good Shepherd – Tony Hodge PDF
25th Apr Jesus: The Resurrection and the Life – Tony Hodge PDF
2nd May Supporting one another in difficult times – Simon Matthews PDF
9th May Extravagant Worship – Janice Hodge PDF
23rd May The Role of the Holy Spirit – Tony Hodge PDF
30th May Jesus: The True Vine – Tony Hodge PDF
6th June Jesus: The Great Intercessor – Tony Hodge PDF
13th June Jesus: The Model Sufferer – Tony Hodge PDF
20th June Jesus: Crucified Saviour – DT Braven-Giles PDF
Sermon on the Mount
11th July Jesus’ Teachings: The Sermon on the Mount 1, The Beatitudes PDF
18th July Jesus’ Teachings: The Sermon on the Mount 2, The Law PDF
25th July Jesus’ Teachings: The Sermon on the Mount 3, The Way PDF
5th Sept Today, if you hear His Voice – Tony Hodge PDF
12th Sept Jesus’ promise to build his Church – Tony Hodge PDF
19th Sept Reassurance from Jesus in times of trouble – Mike Geach PDF
26th Sept Kingdom Parables – Tony Hodge PDF
3rd Oct Parables of Loss & Restoration – Tony Hodge PDF
10th Oct Parables of Love & Forgiveness – Tony Hodge PDF
17th Oct Peace & Joy in all Circumstances – Roy Wheeler PDF
31st Oct Parables on Prayer – Tony Hodge PDF
7th Nov The Wise & Foolish Virgins – Tony Hodge PDF
21st Nov And the word of the LORD came…. – Simon Matthews PDF
28th Nov Capacity for Community – Clare Reed PDF
5th Dec Jesus: God’s promise since before time – Tony Hodge PDF
9th Jan James 1: Joy in Trial and Temptation – Tony Hodge PDF
16th Jan James 2: No Favouritism – Tony Hodge PDF
23rd Jan The Age of Grace – Thea Geach PDF
30th Jan James 2b: Faith AND Works – Tony Hodge PDF
6th Feb James 3: The Power of the Tongue – Tony Hodge PDF
13th Feb Being Thankful – Roy Wheeler PDF
20th Feb Living in Exile: Daniel 1 – Michael Meeks PDF
27th Feb Town Pastors: Christ’s Ambassadors – Tony Hodge PDF
6th Mar James 4: Submit to God, Resist the devil – Tony Hodge PDF
13th Mar How to live beyond recession – Simon Matthews PDF
24th Apr Because He is Risen – Tony Hodge on the reasons to celebrate PDF
1st May No Doubt! – Tony Hodge speaks on Jesus meetings with the disciples after his resurrection PDF
8th May Barriers to Fruitfulness – Clare Reed PDF
15th May Daniel 2 pt 2 – Michael Meeks PDF
22nd May Proud to be Christian: Working out our salvation – Helen Parker PDF
29th May Nehemiah: Man of Prayer – Tony Hodge PDF
5th June Nehemiah: Man with a Mission – Tony Hodge PDF
12th June Nehemiah & the Holy Spirit – Tony Hodge PDF
19th June God’s Favoured Sons – Roy Wheeler PDF
26th June Daniel 3 – Michael Meeks PDF
3rd July Repetitive Stress Injury – Tony Hodge PDF
10th July Nehemiah Chap 3: The Building Works 1 – Tony Hodge PDF
17th July Nehemiah Chap 3: The Building Works 2 – Tony Hodge PDF
11th Sept The Bible: Reliable Word of God – Tony Hodge PDF
18th Sept Joshua & the Fall of Jericho – Helen Parker PDF
25th Sept Be ready: Living in difficult times – Roy Wheeler PDF
2nd Oct Nehemiah Ch4: Dealing with opposition – Tony Hodge PDF
9th Oct Daniel Ch4: The Great Sin – Pride – Michael Meeks PDF
16th Oct Ordinary People doing Extraordinary Things – Simon Matthews PDF
30th Oct The Ten Commandments: 1 & 2 – Clare Reed PDF
6th Nov Nehemiah Ch6: Further Opposition – Tony Hodge PDF
13th Nov Nehemiah Ch8: Reading the Word – Tony Hodge PDF
20th Nov Losing your edge – Ken Baker PDF
27th Nov Nehemiah Ch9 & 10: Restoration & Revival – Tony Hodge PDF
11th Dec The Ten Commandments: 4 – Clare Reed PDF
8th Jan Jesus: The Way – Tony Hodge PDF
15th Jan Jesus: The Truth – Tony Hodge PDF
22nd Jan Be Wholehearted for God – Thea Geach PDF
30th Jan Jesus: The Life – Tony Hodge PDF
5th Feb Jesus: The Only Way to the Father – Tony Hodge PDF
12th Feb The Ten Commandments: Honouring Parents – Clare Reed PDF
19th Feb Jesus’ Return – Tony Hodge PDF
26th Feb Jesus: Life in Abundance – Roy Wheeler PDF
4th March Don’t drift away: the message from Hebrews – Mike Geach PDF
11th March Spiritual Health:1 – Tony Hodge PDF
25th March Daniel 6: Daniel in the Lion’s Den – Michael Meeks PDF
1st April The Spirit of Wisdom & Revelation – Tony Hodge PDF
8th April Easter Message: Christ has indeed been raised – Tony Hodge
15th April Peter & Judas: A Tale of Two Sinners – Tony Hodge PDF
22nd April Daniel 7: Daniel’s Prophetic Dream – Michael Meeks PDF
29th April The Ten Commandments: Murder & Adultery – Clare Reed PDF
13th May Holiness: Living Godly Lives – Ruth Brown PDF
27th May Philippians 1: Preach Christ Above All – Tony Hodge PDF
3rd June The Ten Commandments: Do not Steal or Covet – Clare Reed
10th June Philippians 2: Humility – Tony Hodge PDF
17th June Daniel 7, take 2 – Michael Meeks PDF
24th June Philippians 3: Pursue the truly worthwhile things – Tony Hodge PDF
1st July Different but not Indifferent, Teaching from Daniel – Roy Wheeler PDF
8th July Daniel 8 – Michael Meeks PDF
15th July Children & the Church – Jan Hodge PDF
22nd July Philippians 4: A Life of Joy – Tony Hodge PDF
16th Sept God judges the heart – Tony Hodge PDF
23rd Sept Journeying to the Promised Land – Clare Reed PDF
30th Sept Daniel 9: Prayer – Michael Meeks PDF
7th Oct The God I Know – 1: God is Good – Tony Hodge PDF
14th Oct Daniel 9 part 2: Differences and bearing each other in love – Michael Meeks PDF
21st Oct The God I Know – 2: God of Relationship – Tony Hodge PDF
28th Oct The God I Know – 3: God of Compassion – Tony Hodge PDF
4th Nov The God I Know – 4: God of Righteousness – Tony Hodge PDF
11th Nov Daniel 10: Spiritual Warfare – Michael Meeks PDF
18th Nov Spiritual Warfare – Tony Hodge PDF
25th Nov Being like Jesus: having spiritual babies – Simon Matthews PDF
2nd Dec God’s Provision – Clare Reed PDF
9th Dec Unto us a Son is given: The Condescention of Christ – Roy Wheeler PDF
16th Dec Hope – Tony Hodge
30th Dec Joseph – Helen Parker
6th Jan 1st Century Resolutions – Tony Hodge PDF
13th Jan ”This is my Son”: Father’s words about Jesus – Tony Hodge PDF
20th Jan My ways are not your ways: God uses ‘ordinary’ people – Roy Wheeler PDF
27th Jan Have Faith – Thea Geach
3rd Feb Discipleship, Marriage & Sexuality – Tony Hodge PDF
10th Feb 40 Acts week 1: Be Prepared – Tony Hodge. NB notes direct from 40 Acts (1MB pdf) PDF
17th Feb 40 Acts week 2: Love where you live – Tony Hodge. NB notes direct from 40 Acts (1MB pdf) PDF
24th Feb Journey Warfare – Clare Reed. (No Word Notes, use 40 Acts Week 3)
3rd Mar 40 Acts week 4: Make Someone’s Day – Tony Hodge. NB notes direct from 40 Acts (1MB pdf) PDF
10th Mar 40 Acts week 5: Get Creative – Tony Hodge. NB notes direct from 40 Acts (1MB pdf) PDF
17th Mar 40 Acts week 6: Love Your World – Clare Reed. NB notes direct from 40 Acts (1MB pdf) PDF
24th Mar 40 Acts week 7: Do Hard Things – Tony Hodge. NB notes direct from 40 Acts (1MB pdf) PDF
31st Mar Easter Day. The sound of His Voice – Tony Hodge
7th Apr Peace – John Hummersone
14th Apr Series Introduction: The Gospel – Tony Hodge (Word Notes from EA 258KB) PDF
21st Apr The Gifts of the Spirit – Simon Matthews PDF
28th Apr The Need for Salvation – Tony Hodge PDF
5th May Repentance & Salvation: Our response to the Gospel – Tony Hodge PDF
12th May Good News: The Cross – Tony Hodge PDF
19th May Three Truths of Great Significance – Roy Wheeler PDF
26th May The Gospel in the 21st Century – Tony Hodge
2nd June The Gospel of The Kingdom – Clare Reed PDF
16th June How to share the Gospel: The Word – Helen Parker PDF
30th June How to share the Gospel: Testimony – Tony Hodge PDF
7th July How to share the Gospel: Actions & Deeds – Tony Hodge PDF
14th July How to share the Gospel: Sowing – Clare Reed
21st July How to share the Gospel: Mission – Ben & Myriam Harley PDF
8th Sept Kingdom Living: Fruitfulness – Tony Hodge PDF
15th Sept The Faithfulness of God: God never changes – Dorothy Wheeler
22nd Sept Living for God: Faith – Tony Hodge PDF
29th Sept Living for God: Abraham – Tony Hodge PDF
6th Oct Living for God: Gideon – Clare Reed PDF
13th Oct Living for God: Jephthah – Michael Meeks PDF
20th Oct NCC Celebration & AGM, The Church: Body of Christ – Tony Hodge PDF
27th Oct Living for God: Isaac & Jacob – Tony Hodge PDF
3rd Nov The Valley of Bones – Helen Parker PDF
10th Nov Barak (and Deborah) – Clare Reed PDF
17th Nov Marriage – Simon Matthews
24th Nov Living for God: Joseph – Tony Hodge PDF
1st Dec Living for God: Samson – Michael Meeks PDF
8th Dec Living for God: Mary – Roy Wheeler PDF
15th Dec Living for God: Moses – Don’t Be Afraid PDF
29th Dec Family Meeting: Madeleine & Charlotte – It’s not about rules PDF
5th Jan Tony Hodge – Preach the Gospel PDF
12th Jan Tony Hodge – Love God and Your Neighbour PDF
19th Jan Tony Hodge – Unless the Lord builds the house – Celebrating 30 years of NCC PDF
26th Jan Clare Reed – Who is moulding whom? Judges 17-18 PDF
2nd Feb Thea Geach – Bound by Sin
9th Feb Tony Hodge – Pray! PDF
16th Feb Tony Hodge – The Gospel: The Real Deal PDF
23rd Feb Roy Wheeler – Storms PDF
2nd March Tony Hodge – King David, Temptation, Sin and Restoration. PDF
9th March Tim Anderson – Finding reality with God. PDF
16th March Tony Hodge – Salvation PDF
23rd March Tony Hodge – Forgiveness PDF
30th March Charlotte & Helen – Read Your Bible! PDF
6th April Tony Hodge – Justification
13th April Thea Geach – The Cup and the Cross PDF
20th April Tony Hodge – The Greatest Day PDF
27th April Clare Reed – How to read The Bible PDF
4th May Simon Matthews – Relationship with God PDF
11th May Ben Harley – Just Jump: Stepping Out for God PDF
25th May Tony Hodge – Growing Church PDF
1st June John Hummersone – Worship PDF
8th June Tony Hodge – Marriage, Christ & the Church PDF
15th June Tony Hodge – Work/Life Balance PDF
29th June Tony Hodge – The Trinity: God the Father PDF
6th July Clare Reed – Baptism
13th July Tony Hodge – The Trinity: God the Son PDF
20th July Jan Hodge – Be a victor not a victim PDF
31st Aug Tony Hodge – Mission: Possible PDF
7th Sept Tony Hodge: Joshua 1 Moving out – Get Ready PDF
14th Sept Tony Hodge: Joshua 2 – Spies, Intelligence and Sympathisers PDF
21st Sept Roy Wheeler: Joshua 1 & 3 – Arise! PDF
28th Sept Helen Parker: Joshua 5 & 6 – Breaking down walls
5th Oct Tony Hodge: Joshua 3 & 4 – Miracles & Monuments PDF
12th Oct Tony Hodge: Joshua 5:1-12 – Relationship Restored PDF
19th Oct Tony Hodge: Joshua 5:13-15 & Joshua 6 – God’s plan PDF
26th Oct Ken Baker: Joshua 7 – The Consequences of Compromise PDF
2nd Nov Tony Hodge: Joshua 9 – The Gibeonite Deception PDF
9th Nov Simon Matthews: Living a life of giving PDF
16th Nov Tony Hodge: Joshua 20 – Cities of Refuge PDF
23rd Nov Tony Hodge: Presence Carriers PDF
30th Nov Tony Hodge: Prepare the way PDF
7th Dec Tony Hodge: Prepare the way 2, John the Baptist
14th Dec Tony Hodge: Prepare the Way 3, Jesus – Prophecy Fulfilled PDF
28th Dec Tony Hodge: Prepare the Way 4, The Magi
4th Jan Tony Hodge – Encouragement PDF 
11th Jan Roy Wheeler – Wise Men Seek Jesus PDF 
18th Jan Helen Parker – Prodigals PDF 
25th Jan Ruth Brown – I am gifted (Eph 4:7-16) PDF 
1st Feb Tony Hodge – Encouragement from 1 Thessalonians 2 PDF 
8th Feb Tony Hodge – Encouragement from 1 Thessalonians 3: Faith, Love & Perseverance PDF 
No Word Notes in Lent – NCC small groups following other courses,
15th Feb Tony Hodge – Encouragement from 1 Thessalonians 4: Sexual Purity
22nd Feb Clare Reed – Encouragement from 1 Thessalonians 5: Faith, Functioning as a Family
22nd Feb Tony Hodge – Encouragement from 1 Thessalonians 4: Faith, Life After Death: A case of the wobbles
8th March Simon Matthews – Our Covenant making & keeping God
15th Mar Tony Hodge – Paul: Man with a Plan
22nd Mar Michael Meeks – Talking to God about people and to people about God
29th Mar Mike Geach – God has time for individuals, for you and me.
12th April Michael Meeks: Colossians 1
We’re following the 40 Days with Jesus course 19/4 to 31/5
19th April Tony Hodge 40DWJ Week 1: A Life Transforming Encounter PDF 
26th April Helen Parker 40DWJ Week 2: An Eye-Opening Journey PDF 
3rd May Tony Hodge 40DWJ Week 3: When Jesus Comes in the Midst PDF 
17th May Roy Wheeler 40DWJ Week 4: Overcoming Failure PDF 
24th May Thea Geach 40DWJ Week 5: Made For A Mission PDF 
31st May Clare Reed 40DWJ Week 6: Should he Stay or Should He Go? PDF 
14th June Tony Hodge: God’s Grand Plan – NCC Vision for teaching ‘The Story’ PDF 
21st June Tony Hodge: Service and Leadership PDF 
5th July Tony Hodge: Praise God for a Living Hope – 1 Peter 1 & 2 PDF 
12th July Michael Meeks: The Supremacy of Christ – Col 1:3-20 PDF 
19th July Thea Geach: Forgiveness
26th July Tony Hodge – Holy Worldliness: Submitting to authority. 1 Peter 2 & 3 PDF 
Sept 2015
April 2016
The Story – Our journey through the Bible as a Story of God’s love for people.
Builders – a three part series on Living in the Church Age
1st May Tony Hodge – Builders 1: Kingdom PDF 
8th May Tony Hodge – Builders 2: Church PDF 
15th May Tony Hodge – Builders 3: Community PDF 
22nd May Simon Matthews: Following God’s Call  
Psalms – Real Life, Real God
29th May Clare Reed – Psalms: Real Life, Real God. Week 1  
5th June Ben Harley Receiving and Giving  
12th June Clare Reed – Psalms: Real Life, Real God. Week 2  
19th June Roy Wheeler – Ground breaking obstacles  
26th June Clare Reed – Psalms: Real Life, Real God.  Week 3  
3rd July NCC YouthCell – Good Samaritans
17th July Clare Reed – Psalms: Real Life, Real God.  Week 4  
NCC Summer Programme
24th July Tony Hodge  “Why are you cast down O my soul?” An antidote to the blues
31st July Tony Hodge “Wish You Were Here” – 1: Take God with you   
21st Aug Tony Hodge “Wish You Were Here” – 2: Rest for your soul   
Guidance – Godly direction for your life
4th Sept Tony Hodge – Guidance 1 – Vision & Purpose  
11th Sept Roy Wheeler – Knowing God’s purposes in times of trial  
18th Sept Tony Hodge – Guidance 2 – Hearing God  
25th Sept Tony Hodge – Guidance 3 – Know your gifts  
2nd Oct Tim Anderson – Kingdom Purpose  
9th Oct Pete Mear – Compassion UK   
“Give me a reason!” – Responding to the tough questions about faith

A series based on “The Reason for God” by Timothy Keller
Small groups will use the series Discussion Guide ISBN 978-0-310-33047-9

16th Oct Tony Hodge – “How can you believe the Bible when it contradicts science?
Timothy Keller – Isn’t the Bible historically unreliable and regressive? – notes by TH & link to his talk.
23rd Oct Clare Reed – “How can you believe your God is the only way?”
30th Oct Clare Reed – “How can you claim to be free when Christianity has so many rules?”
6th Nov Tony Hodge – “How can you trust in a good God when there is so much suffering?”
13th Nov Clare Reed – “How can you claim Christianity is right, when Christians are so wrong?”
20th Nov Helen Parker – ” How can you claim a God who judges so harshly is loving and forgiving?”
Authentic Christianity – “Love your neighbour”
27th Nov Authentic Christianity 1,  Simon Barrington – Who is my neighbour?  
4th Dec Authentic Christianity 2,  Tony Hodge – Good enough for Jesus, good enough for me  
11th Dec Authentic Christianity 3,  Clare Reed – How can I help?  
1st Jan Clare Reed: Simeon & Anna  
8th Jan Roy Wheeler: Past, Present and Pathways PDF 
Monday Morning Christianity – Living out your faith in the real world
15th Jan Helen Parker – Stress and Work/Life Balance PDF 
22nd Jan Tony Hodge – The mystery of marriage PDF 
29th Jan Ruth Brown – Living to work or working to live? PDF 
NCC United – Practical Biblical teaching on relationships from Ephesians
12th Feb Clare Reed – Welcome to the team! PDF 
19th Feb Tony Hodge – Play your position PDF 
26th Feb Clare Reed – Red Cards PDF 
5th Mar Keziah and Klara – Look for the goal PDF 
12th Mar Tony Hodge – Winning the match PDF 
End of series
19th Mar Tim Anderson – Coming Home PDF 
Good News to share –  Examples from Jesus and Paul
26th Mar Tony Hodge – Jesus speaks to all PDF 
2nd Apr Helen Parker – Paul speaks to Jews
9th Apr Helen Parker – Paul speaks to Gentiles
16th Apr Tony Hodge – Resurrection: Fake News or Good News (Easter Day message) PDF 
Pop(ular)  Idols – Identifying and dealing with idolatry in our lives.
23rd Apr Clare Reed – Pop(ular) Idols: Love PDF 
30th Apr Clare Reed – Pop(ular) Idols: Money PDF 
7th May Clare Reed – Pop(ular) Idols: Success PDF 
Hot Topics – Modern Issues from a Biblical perspective
14th May Tony Hodge – Sexuality PDF
21st May Roy Wheeler – Challenges and opportunities in times of change
28th May Roy Wheeler – How to live at peace in a world of troubles
4th June Tony Hodge – Politics (Word notes this week are a reflection on Pentecost Sunday) PDF 
11th June Tony Hodge – Racism PDF 
18th June Clare Reed – Equality PDF 
End of series
25th June Tony Hodge – A visit from the In-Laws PDF 
iGod – Relating to God
16th July Helen Parker – Prayer
Church Unpacked
3rd Sep Clare Reed – Breaking Bread PDF 
10th Sep Roy Wheeler – Persevering through trials PDF 
 17th Sep  Helen Parker – Unpacking Baptism PDF 
 24th Sep  Tony Hodge – Unpacking Small Groups PDF 
 1st Oct  Tim Anderson – Christ-centeredness PDF 
 8th Oct  Tony Hodge – Unpacking Giving PDF 
Gideon: From Zero to Hero
 15th Oct  Clare Reed – God Calls the unlikely PDF 
 22 Oct  Tony Hodge – Trusting God 100% PDF 
 29 Oct  Clare Reed – Walking in your destiny PDF 
End of series
 5th Nov  Thea Geach – New Clothes PDF 
Wise Words: Wisdom from the book of Proverbs
 12 Nov  Wise Words for the mind PDF 
 19 Nov  Wise Words for the lips PDF 
 26 Nov  Wise words for the body PDF 
End of series
 03 Dec  Wisdom in challenging times PDF
7th Jan Roy Wheeler: The midnight hour PDF 
Signposts – Discovering and moving in your gifting
14th Jan  Tony Hodge: Busting some common myths PDF 
21st Jan  Helen Parker: Choose the right door PDF 
28th Jan  Ruth Brown: What open doors teach you about you PDF 
4th Feb  Clare Reed: Thank God for closed doors PDF 
Ghostbusters – Knowing, receiving and using spiritual gifts without it being weird or scary
11th Feb  Tony Hodge: Who is the Spirit? PDF 
18th Feb  Clare Reed: Gifts and fruit PDF 
25th Feb  Tony Hodge: Walking in step with the Spirit PDF 
Spot the difference – Jonah: “How deep is your love?”
4th Mar  Tony Hodge: “When the going gets tough……” PDF 
11th Mar  Tony Hodge: Fishy Business PDF 
18th Mar  Helen Parker: “It’s not fair” PDF 
25th Mar  Ben Harley: Coming into God’s presence  
1st Apr  Easter Day
8th Apr  Tony Hodge: “Gods not dead” – Can it be true? PDF 
15th Apr  Tony Hodge: Collateral Blessing PDF 
Freedom In Christ
(Notes for this series are in the Freedom in Christ Participants Guide)
22nd Apr  Tony Hodge: Freedom in Christ 1 –  Who Am I? PDF 
29th Apr  Clare Reed: Freedom in Christ 2 –  Choosing To Believe The Truth  
6th May  Roy Wheeler: thinking rightly about yourself PDF 
13th May  Helen Parker: Freedom in Christ 4 – Our Daily Choice
20th May  Tony Hodge: Freedom in Christ 5 – The Battle For Our Minds  
27th May  Clare Reed: Freedom in Christ 6 – Handling Our Emotions  
3rd June  Tony Hodge: Freedom in Christ 7 – Forgiving From The Heart  
10th June  Helen Parker: Freedom in Christ 8 – Renewing The Mind  
17th June  Clare Reed: Freedom in Christ 9 – Relating To Others  
End of Series
 24th June  Tim Anderson: Freely Give PDF 
 1st July  Ben Harley: Mission News PDF 
Open Season – three individual talks from our preaching team
 8th July  Clare Reed: Job – when life seems against you. PDF
 15th July  Helen Parker: Daniel – building a strong relationship with God
 22nd July  Thea Geach: Doubt PDF
Body Builders – Workout routines to build spiritual muscle
 2nd Sept  Clare Reed: Prayer
 9th Sept  Clare Reed: Reading the Bible
 16th Sept  Tony Hodge: Baptism PDF 
 23rd Sept  Melanie Moore: Worship PDF 
Functional Faith – Taking responsibility for a practical Christian life
 30th Sept Tony Hodge: Stewardship PDF 
 7th Oct Tony Hodge: Doing PDF 
 14th Oct Tim Anderson, Plumbline Ignite Network: Church in the 21st Century PDF
 21st Oct Clare Reed: Personal Growth PDF 
 28th Oct Helen Parker: Health Steps PDF
End of Series
 4th Nov  Tony Hodge: Friends of God – Rooted in Christ PDF
 11th Nov  Tony Hodge: Friends of God – Filled with the Spirit PDF 
Back to the Future – Old Testament prophesies fulfilled in the birth of Jesus
 18th Nov  Helen Parker: It (will be) a boy PDF 
 25th Nov  Clare Reed: Wanted; Evangelist and disciple maker PDF
 2nd Dec  Tony Hodge: A boo is louder than a cheer PDF
 9th Dec  Helen Parker: What is meant to be always finds a way PDF
 16th Dec  Tony Hodge: Christmas Hope
End of Series
 6th Jan  Clare Reed and Tony Hodge: God’s Call to NCC
CSI – Letters to churches
13th Jan  Clare Reed: First Love PDF
20th Jan  Ruth Brown: Jesus Second Coming PDF
27th Jan  Tony Hodge: Dark Shadows PDF
3rd Feb  Helen Parker: Dead or Alive? PDF
10th Feb  Clare Reed: Hold Tight! PDF
End of series
17th Feb  Roy Wheeler: Setbacks, Strongholds and Struggles  
24th Feb  Tony Hodge: The Fatherhood of God PDF
3rd Mar  Tony Hodge: Fasting PDF
10th Mar  Anne Beaumont: Transforming Lives for Good PDF
Gone Fishing
17th Mar  Helen Parker: Evangelism is for Everyone PDF
24th Mar  Tim Anderson: Moving Forward PDF 
31st Mar  Clare Reed: Family Evangelism PDF
7th Apr  Tony Hodge: Servant Evangelism PDF 
14th Apr  Helen Parker: Friendship Evangelism PDF 
21st Apr  Clare Reed & Helen Parker: Easter  
Encounters with Jesus
28th Apr  Tony Hodge: How can the world be put right? Lessons from the Wedding at Cana PDF 
5th May  Compassion Sunday with guest speaker Ully Orobor PDF 
12th May  Helen Parker: The Sceptical Student PDF 
19th May Clare Reed: What’s wrong with the world? PDF
26th May  Clare Reed: Who can put it right? PDF
End of series
2nd Jun  Roy Wheeler: Money
Jacob – Faith through difficulty
9th Jun  Tony Hodge – Jacob’s Troubles: Sibling Trouble PDF
23rd Jun  Tony Hodge – Jacob’s Troubles: Wife Trouble PDF
30th Jun  Clare Reed – Jacob’s Troubles: In-Law Trouble PDF
7th July  Helen Parker – Authentic Wisdom PDF
14th July  Tony Hodge – Authentic Morality PDF
21st July  Clare Reed – Authentic Freedom PDF 
Songs for Summer
Still Standing
1st Sept  Clare Reed: Belt & Braces PDF
8th Sept  Clare Reed: Ready to Run PDF
15th Sept  Tony Hodge: Powerful Words PDF
22nd Sept  Tony Hodge: The Real Battle PDF 
29th Sept  Clare Reed: Looking ahead PDF
End of series
Firm Foundations
6th Oct  Tony Hodge: Dead Acts PDF
13th Oct  Visiting speaker: Ruth Brown
20th Oct  Clare Reed: Faith PDF
27th Oct  Clare Reed: Washing PDF
3rd Nov  Visiting speaker: Roy Wheeler
10th Nov  Tony Hodge: Eternity PDF
End of series
The Bible Course (details) NB small group workbooks are available from the Bible Society website, no word notes will be published here.
17th Nov  Introducing the Bible.  Helen Parker
24th Nov  Creation and Covenant. Clare Reed
1st Dec  Exodus and The Promised Land. Tony Hodge
8th Dec  Judges and Kings. Clare Reed
15th Dec  Exile and Prophets. Helen Parker
22nd Dec  Christmas Carol Service 5pm


5th Jan  Jesus and the Gospels. Helen Parker
12th Jan  Acts and the Church. Tony Hodge
19th Jan  Revelations and Review. Clare Reed
End of series